Languages: English

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Duration: 2 days

Attendance: Minimum 5 / Maximum 15

Price: on request

Target group:

This seminar is designed for senior and middle managers of a regulatory authority who are responsible for making policy and implementing the State Safety Program; and the oversight of industrys SMS. At the end of this two-day seminar, participants will have explored the challenges of transitioning to a performance-based regulatory program, and be able to prepare a short-, middle- and long-term implementation plan suitable for their authority.


- Introduction to SMS - what it is and why it is being introduced in aviation
- ICAO requirements for a State Safety Program
- Exploring the authority\'s oversight program
- Determining the requirements of your industry and your authority
- Implementation planning
- Long-term planning to consider the development of a State Safety Plan
- NAA data bases
- Organizational design of the NAA
- Work force skill sets


Seminar - Safety Management System (SMS) for Regulatory Authorities - Senior Management


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