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Seminar - SAFA/SACA
ARO.Ramp - Awareness Seminar for Operators


Stay compliant with our seminar

Languages: English

Duration: 1 day

Attendance: Minimum 5 / Maximum 15

Price: on request

Target group:
This seminar is developed and designed for air operators, maintenance personnel and aviation authority staff:
- Operations, training and safety/compliance staff from Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operators and General Aviation (GA) operators flying within/into/from European Community
- Owners and operators of General Aviation aircraft


The SAFA/SACA ARO.Ramp Awareness training program provides the participants with applicable knowledge of the SAFA/SACA ARO.Ramp program and the necessary information on how to prepare crews and aircraft for SAFA/SACA Ramp inspections.

Particular emphasis is placed upon: key actors, methodology of inspection, data analysis, working methods, regulatory framework, lines of communication and right of defence.

The SAFA/SACA ARO.Ramp Awareness training seminar comprises the following:
- Background and overall objectives of the EC SAFA program and Commission Regulation        EC 965/2012 ARO.Ramp
- Legal aspects (ICAO, EU law, national obligations, etc)
- SAFA/SACA Ramp inspections (structure of inspection process and impact on the operators    turnaround process)
- Identify operator measures to fulfill SAFA/SACA Ramp obligations
- Interface between Operator and State of Operator
- Exchange of experiences

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