Languages: English or German

(Seminar documentation English)

Duration: 2 days

Attendance: Minimum 5 / Maximum 15

Price: on request

Target group:

This seminar is designed for:
- Staff from Operations: Decision Makers, Members from the Authorities, Top Managements,        Nominated Persons, Safety and Compliance Managers, Pilots, Cabin Crew, Schedulers and          Auditors
- Staff from Maintenance: Decision Makers, Members from the Authorities, Top Management,        Post Holders, Engineers, Schedulers, Quality Managers/Compliance Manager (Part M and 145)    and Auditors.


The purpose of this seminar is to provide the attendees with the necessary background to develop, implement and maintain their FRMS.

- Definition of fatigue
- The difference between fatigue and stress
- Basics of sleep physiology and human limitations
- The causes of fatigue
- Flight operations and maintenance considerations
- Strategies of alertness management
- Definition of Fatigue Risk Management System (FMRS)
- The FRMS policy
- The difference between prescriptive regulation and performance based regulation
- Alternative compliance model
- Qualitative and quantitative risk assessment
- SMS Fatigue Reporting System
- Auditing fatigue
- Review of software that can help in assessing fatigue
- Investigating fatigue and safety events


Seminar - Fatigue Risk Management System for Operators (FRMS)


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