Languages: English or German

(Seminar documentation English)

Duration: 2 days

Attendance: Minimum 5 / Maximum 15

Price: on request

Target group:

This seminar is designed for:
- Staff from Operations: Decision Makers, Members from the Authorities, Top Managements, Nominated Persons, Safety and Compliance Managers, Security Manager, Pilots, Cabin Crew, Schedulers and Auditors
- Staff from Maintenance: Decision Makers, Members from the Authorities, Top Management, Post Holders, Engineers, Schedulers, Quality Managers/Compliance Manager (Part M and 145) and Auditors


The objective of this seminar is to provide attendees with an in-depth overview of how to establish, implement and maintain an ERP in order to contain, control and effectively manage emergency business situations and business continuity.

- Definition of Emergency Response Planning (ERP)
- The function of planning, controlling, evaluating and motivating
- The role of the operator and the airport
- The different groups: Friends and Relatives Reception Centre, Survivors Reception Centre,      Telephone Enquiry Centre
- The role of the handling agent
- Handling of people and the media
- Selecting the team, human and financial resources
- The Emergency Response Centre
- The ERP Manual, distribution, testing, exercises
- The use of professional companies as part of the ERP
- Media communications plan, manual and training,
- The correct use of the website \\\"dark page\\\"
- Family Assistance Centre
- Assisting the crew
- The business continuity plan
- The role of ERP and air safety investigation


Seminar - Emergency Response Planning (ERP)


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