Languages: English or German

Duration: 2 days / 4 modules if delivered remotely

Attendance: Minimum 5 / Maximum 15

Price:  Remote delivery 740 CHF per person /onsite on request

Target group:

This seminar is designed for personnel in all areas of aviation and provides basic and detailed knowledge of Compliance Monitoring in aviation.


- Introduction to Compliance Monitoring
- Basic principles of Management Systems
- Development, relevance and Benefits of a Compliance Monitoring Programm
- Composition, documentation and implementation of a Compliance Monitoring System
- Continuous Improvement
- Integrated Management Systems
- Compliance Monitoring System (acc. GEN.)
- Overview - Internal and External Auditing and Inspections
- Communication and behavior during the Audit
- Design, structure and goals of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the national      aviation organizations
- Basics - Regulatory Requirements (EASA Part Air Operations / EASA Part Aircrew / EASA Part      Aerodrome / EASA Part CAMO)
- Group exercises
- Discussion


Seminar - Compliance Monitoring

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