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Languages: English or German

(Seminar documentation English)

Duration: 2 days

Attendance: Minimum 5 / Maximum 15

Price: on request

Target group:

This seminar is developed and designed for all those who require an overview of the EASA Part Specialized Operations defined as commercial or non-commercial operations where an aircraft is being used to carry out specialized tasks or services or training flights.
- Managers and employees of airplane & helicopter operators, maintenance organizations, training organizations as well as representatives from aviation authorities and industry


The seminar will outline the European overall regulatory framework of civil aviation and introduce the participants to the various regulatory bodies and the rules and laws made by them:

- Introduction to international and European organizations, their purpose & relationships (ICAO,    EASA)
- The competent European authorities and their relationship with EASA
- Overview of the EASA regulatory framework
- EASA Basic Regulation (EU) 2018/1139
- Implementing Rules for Air Operations (Cover Regulation EU 965/2012):
  - Annex I Definitions
  - Annex II Part ARO, Authority requirements for air operations
  - Annex III Part ORO, Organization requirements for commercial air operators and non-                  commercial air operators of complex motor-powered aircraft
  - Annex IV Part CAT (A,H), technical requirements for commercial air transport operations of          aero planes and helicopters
  - Annex V Part SPA, requirements for operations requiring a specific approval
  - Annex VI - Part-NCC (A, H), technical requirements for non-commercial operations with                complex motor-powered aircraft
  - Annex VII - Part-NCO (A, H) technical requirements for non-commercial operations with      other-than-complex motor-powered aircraft
  - Annex VIII Part-SPO (A, H) technical requirements for specialized operations (Aerial              Work)
- Assistance in understanding implementing rules (AMC, GM )


Seminar - Aviation Regulations - Specialized Operations (Part SPO)


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