Organizer(s): swiss aeropole SA (in cooperation with Renz & Partners and AeroEx)

Language(s): English

Duration: 1 days

Attendance: open seminar (5 participants min.)

Location: swiss aeropole SA, Aéropôle 132, 1530 Payerne (Switzerland)

Date: Tuesday 5th November 2019 (09:00 CET - 17:30 CET)

Fee: CHF 250.- (Payment of fee at registration)

Target group:

Accountable Managers and Nominated Persons within any business aviation organisation are confronted with an enormous challenge, which is partly caused by constant changes of regulations and new investments.
But not only ever changing regulations are causing challenges, but also the growing complexity of management of aviation businesses bringing up new challenges for managers.
Although the requirements of an Accountable Manager or Nominated Person are known, there are only few opportunities to acquire or refresh those skills.
The goal of this course is to educate and update the skills of Accountable Managers and Nominated Persons, to answer pending questions.


  • Structure of European Aviation Safety legislation

  • EASA Regulatory Structure - Overview

  • Basic Regulation

  • Aviation regulations - Overview

  • Interfaces to the national and international legislation

  • Common rules for the operation of air services (EC) 1008 / 2008 – Traffic rights

  • Delimitation between commercial and private operations : what to expect in a near future

  • “Safety Management” and “Compliance Monitoring”

  • Occurrence Reporting

  • Company management - Qualification requirements

  • Nominated Persons – responsibility, accountability, liability

  • Customs & VAT in Switzerland : a challenge for aircraft owners and operators - current trends

The registration fee includes lunch and coffee breaks.
For registration, send an email to
Registration closes on 22nd October.
Payment of fee at registration.
For more information: +41 26 662 66 66


Seminar - Accountable Managers and Nominated Persons

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