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Aerospace Remote Audits and Inspections

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What we offer

Remote (online) audits / assessments are provided for the following organisations or areas:

  • Air OPS Regulations


  • Continuing Airworthiness

  • Air Crew

  • UAS - Unmanned Aircraft Systems

  • CAT (AOC) operator

  • NCC operator

  • SPO operator

  • Part 145 orgnisations

  • Part CAMO organisations

  • ATOs

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In general, all types of audits and inspections can be performed as remote audits. The general procedure of a remote audit differs slightly from the procedure of an on-site audit. In remote audits, all planned audit participants participate in the audit via a remote audit session, which is fully organized by AeroEx.

No specific software is required for participation in that requires remote audit sessions. You must only ensure that all audit participants have a good and stable Internet connection and are appropriately equipped for the audit (PC/tablet/laptop with camera, headset with microphone). The audit participants can either work together in a meeting room or at a workplace.


  • Cost-effective and efficient use of all resources 

  • Cost savings through the elimination of travel costs and travel times

  • Flexible and location-independent execution of audits and inspections

  • Highly qualified auditors with specific aerospace know-how

  • Audit execution in real time


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