Product solutions

AeroEx offers product solutions to stay compliant. Choose one of our preferred solutions to ensure quality and increase your efficiency:


Compliance Libraries

AeroEx GmbH is also content provider and offers comprehensive up to date compliance libraries like EASA Regulations and Industry Standards in a structured database format.

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InSight Aviation Safety Regulations reporting tool

Struggling to identify latest amendment of applicable EASA regulations? Our web based Regulation InSight reporting tool – assist you in monitoring your compliance obligations tailored to your organisation. You can assign responsibilities, track changes, follow up on implementation - nothing gets missed!


EU EFB Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with regulations is critical and missing regulatory deadlines can delay your flight operations, or even ground you. EASA has mandated new regulations for commercial and non-commercial operators using installed or portable EFB’s, which transposes ICAO standards. Our toolkit, which we launched today, offers the streamlined implementation method operators and compliance managers need to ensure a seamless transition to the new requirements without taking the risk of not being able to use EFB applications after 9 July


Document Management system: WebManuals

AeroEx GmbH, in partnership with WebManuals Sweden AB, is offering a Cloud application platform for the digitization of manuals.


Online Training

Online training for European business aircraft operators

AeroEx GmbH, in partnership with, is offering online trainings.