InSight Report - Basic - Continuing Airworthiness "Part T"

InSight Aviation Safety Regulation Report - Basic - Continuing Airworthiness "Part T"


This subscription will report "Basic" all changes handy and consolidated as list tailored to Continuing Airworthiness "Part T". 


The subscription fee is annually starting on the first day of the following month after the date of purchase.


EASA regulations have huge impact on all those working in the aviation sector. Updates have to be monitored and essential requirements need to be implemented in daily business of operators of aircraft, aerodromes, maintenance organisations and training organisations.

EASA Regulation updates on a monthly consolidated basis an InSight Aviation Safety Regulation Report.

InSight Report - Basic - Continuing Airworthiness "Part T"

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  • AeroEx GmbH provides stakeholders with an updated and easy-to-read publication. It combines the text of the
    published regulations by EASA (© European Union, , 1998-2018) with the related Acceptable Means of Compliance
    (AMC) (including the amendments) currently adopted.
    However, this is not an official publication and AeroEx accepts no liability for damage of any kind resulting from the risks inherent in the use of this
    This document will be updated regularly to take into account further amendments.
    The format of this document is adjusted for easy reading and reference purposes.

  • AeroEx GmbH’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GT&C) apply.

    AeroEx distribute on a regular basis the documentation of regulation and standard amendments, revisions and directives as published by each responsible organization (e.g. EASA).

    AeroEx keep currency and accuracy of its publication in accordance with the officially published regulations and standards.

    The subscription shall be valid as defined in the product description and thereafter renewed annually, unless terminated by either Party with three (3) months' notice.

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