AMAS Applications (Add-on)

AMAS InSight - Aviation Safety Regulations reporting tool (add-on to an existing AMAS service plan)

Convenient audit ready web-based reporting tool to monitor monthly regulatory changes. Subscribe to one of the following starter bundles to be able to add any additional part as desired to tailor your regulatory monitoring portfolio to ensure compliance by identifying your compliance obligations.


EASA regulations have huge impact on all those working in the aviation sector. Updates have to be monitored and essential requirements need to be implemented in daily business.

EASA Regulation updates on a monthly consolidated basis easily managed by you with AMAS InSight Aviation Safety Regulation reporting tool - cloud based.


AMAS InSight supports organizations by having processes in place to identify new and changed laws, regulations, standards and other compliance obligations to ensure on-going compliance.​ Furthermore it is a handy companion during your processes to evaluate the impact of the identified changes and implement any changes in the management of the compliance obligations.

You can assign responsibilities, track changes, follow up on implementation - nothing gets missed!


InSight Advantages:

  • Legal horizon scanning.
  • Identify new and changed laws & regulations.
  • Assign responsibilities, track changes, follow up on implementation - nothing gets missed.


  • Web-based cloud solution
  • onthly Email notification service (reporting) of changes and updates within the subscribed libraries.
  • Convenient presentation to identify quickly differences/changes to the previous revision.
  • Documentation (Assign responsibilities, track changes, follow up on implementation)
  • Various search and filter functions.
  • My notes (write a personal notes)
  • Export function to open office.
  • Responsive design (Desktop, Mobile, iPad/tablet)
  • Support (software) - Online Ticketsystem
  • Support (advisory services) - Call an advisory expert (chargeable)


AMAS Standards and Regulations (add-on to an existing AMAS service plan)

AMAS Standards and Regulations offers comprehensive up to date compliance libraries e.g. EASA Regulations and Industry Standards as web based application.


Your Advantages:

  • Comprehensive full content search.
  • Track versions / revisions
  • All reference documents are linked for easy access



  • Web-based cloud solution
  • Online access to your subscribed consolidated regulatory libraries
  • Compehensive library search (full text search)
  • Quick access - set favorite regs incl. notification of change - email push service
  • Compliance linkage (set hyperlinks)
  • My notes (add personal notes to each implementing rule)
  • Responsive design (Desktop, Mobile, iPad/tablet)
  • Support (software) - Online Ticketsystem
  • Support (advisory services) - Call an advisory expert (chargeable)


Pre-defined bundles suitable for your specific operations

  • AOC including the following Parts: M, CC, DEF Air Ops, ARO, ORO, CAT, SPA and SERA
  • NCC including the following Parts: DEF Air Ops, ARO, ORO, SPA, NCC and SERA
  • SPO including the following Parts: DEF Air Ops, ARO, ORO, SPA, NCC, NCO, SPO and SERA
  • MX (Continuing Airworthiness) including the following Parts: M, 145, 66, 147 and T
  • ATO including the following Parts: FCL, ORA and SERA
  • DTO including the following Parts: FCL, DTO and SERA


Available Add-ons:

White label - if you want your own logo branded portal and additional support services via phone during regular business hours we recommend AMAS InSight BUSINESS or AMAS InSight PROFESSIONAL where its included.


Monitoring and Reporting Interval: monthly

Subscription period and fee: annually (if you prefer "monthly" please choose our BUSINESS offer) / subscription renewal annually or monthly according to your service plan.

Payment: invoiced upfront according to your service plan.


The subscription is starting on the first day of the following month after the date of purchase.


AMAS Applications (Add-on)

AMAS bundle
AMAS payment plan
  • Only with an existing AMAS service plan combinable.

    AeroEx GmbH’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GT&C) apply.

    AeroEx distribute on a regular basis the documentation of regulation and standard amendments, revisions and directives as published by each responsible organization (e.g. EASA).

    AeroEx keep currency and accuracy of its publication in accordance with the officially published regulations and standards.

    The subscription shall be valid as defined in the product description and thereafter renewed annually, unless terminated by either Party with three (3) months' notice.

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