The AeroEx EASA Air OPS EFB - Quick Start for Web Manuals Customers includes the following documents:


  • EFB Template Manual, already linked to Web Manuals Compliance Libraries
  • Guidance Checklist
  • Compliance List
  • Risk Assessment Frame
  • Web Manuals Reader App risk assessment, already incorporated in the EFB Template Manual
  • Consolidated EFB Booklet
  • Access to an Instructional Webinar with Q&A session.
  • Web Manuals EFB Admin training (optional extra provided by Web Manuals at additional cost)



AeroEx EASA Air OPS EFB - Quick Start for Web Manuals Customers

3.500,00 CHFPrice
  • AeroEx's general terms and conditions apply.


    Provided documentation shall only be used by Client for the Client’s manuals (single use/one operator); transfer or any other provision of access to third parties is prohibited.

    If you intend to use our template for more than one AOC or operator than you should purchase accordingly.

  • Please mention your desired currency on the cart page under "add note" and choose "Checkout" to purchase via invoice.

    Pricing in EUR 3200.-

    Pricing in USD 3500.-

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