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EASA Safety Information Bulletin (SIB)
Organisations are requested to review the SIB’s related to their area of operations and consider the recommendations published in the SIB’s under the risk management responsibilities of the organisation.

An EASA Safety Information Bulletin (SIB) is an information tool that intends to alert, inform and draw the attention of the aviation community on safety issues. SIBs contain non-mandatory information and guidance that do not qualify for an Airworthiness Directive (AD).

SIBs may be potentially used on any type of aviation safety related subject for which the Agency has received information and that it finds useful to share with the aviation community for the sake of safety promotion.

Non-exhaustive examples of cases where a SIB can be issued include:

  • information related to suspected unapproved parts

  • information related to falsification of licenses

  • design, production or maintenance related information and /or recommendations that do not meet the criteria for an AD

  • flight operations related information and/or recommendations, including to address risks arising to civil aviation from conflict zones (RCZ)

  • ATM/ANS related information and/or recommendations

  • reacting to Safety Recommendations issued by Safety Investigation Authorities addressed to EASA

EASA also monitors Foreign State of Design Safety Advisory Information, such as FAA issued Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) or Transport Canada Service Difficulty Advisory, and publishes on the EASA website those concurred with by the relevant PCM(s)

EASA SIBs are now available and updated on a regular basis in AMAS (Aerospace Management ApplicationS) Standards and Regulations offers comprehensive up to date compliance libraries e.g. EASA Regulations and Industry Standards as web based application.

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