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AeroEx platform simplifies compliance management

Business Air News | Tuesday, 22 October 2019

No longer is there a need to manually monitor new regulatory and compliance laws or changes. AeroEx's new platform will do the job for you.

European aerospace industry regulatory compliance consultancy group AeroEx has launched its Aerospace Management ApplicationS (AMAS) platform, providing easy access to complex regulatory and legal content while simplifying compliance monitoring management processes.

This new cloud-based solutions platform automatically monitors, aggregates and alerts users when new laws or changes to existing laws occur, when regulatory updates are announced by EASA, or when other safety and industry standards such as IS-BAH, IS-BAO and IOSA are introduced, all without the need for manual monitoring. This automation will further ensure on-going compliance statutes are met by flight departments, pilots and managers of aerospace organisations.

“Our platform and its applications eliminate the challenge of keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing regulatory environment, legal parameters and new compliance protocols,” says managing director Joel Hencks. “There are simply too many laws, standards, permits, certificates and authorisations to identify on a daily basis in order to ensure safe processes so that your