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Aviation Consulting:

Interim Management Services


Our interim or long-term Management Services:

The role is to ensure that the activities of the organization / operator are supported with the applicable regulatory requirements, and any additional requirements as established by the operator, and that these activities are carried out properly under the supervision of the relevant head of functional area.

The consultant in his role is responsible for ensuring that the tasks according to the role are properly implemented, maintained and continually reviewed and improved.

Available postholder/functions:

  • Accountable Manager

  • Post Holder

  • Project Manager

  • Compliance Manager

  • Safety Manager

  • Quality Manager

  • Security Manager

Your advantages when using an Interim Manager:

  • Extremely short-term availability

  • Exactly the experience and solution competence is obtained, which is necessary, as long as necessary

  • Accurate qualification, even conscious use of a temporary over-qualification

  • Due to long professional experience of the Interim Manager in responsible positions: "matured" personality with high sovereignty and seriousness, entrepreneurial acting

  • Clear result orientation in the project due to predefined tasks

  • Interim Managers are neutral in corporate policy / objective or not biased and work without status / power interests

  • Highly flexible form of controlling personnel and management resources

  • Fixed personnel costs become a variable project expenditure with a transparent cost budget

  • Pay-as-you-use: No social security, no holiday pay, no company car

  • Temporary reinforcement of own resources

  • Import of know-how and best practice into the company

  • Low training effort

  • No separation problem, no social implications

  • Needs-based contract and cost commitment with a very good cost-benefit ratio

  • Situational mandate extension / resolution

  • Use of the contact network of the Interim Manager

Choose if you are in need of interm (less than 6 months) or long-term (more than 6 months).

Request you individual proposal.

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Request a proposal for interim or long-term management support services
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