Cleared for Take-off: AeroEx Toolkit Options for New EU EFB Regulatory Compliance


Solutions offer flight departments and compliance managers a seamless fulfilment tool making them regulatory compliant.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) requirements has introduced new provisions for commercial and non-commercial operators using installed or portable EFB’s, which transposes the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. This new regulation is for the

use of electronic flight bags and for the use of EFB applications with a failure condition classified as minor or below. Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operators are required to hold an operational approval for any Type B EFB application.

Regulatory compliance is required, not to remain grounded or unable to use your EFB. AeroEx can ensure your new EFB provisions can be met in a matter of weeks, not months, ensuring you are fully compliant. Our toolkit offers the streamlined implementation method sought by flight operations, compliance, quality control and safety managers to ensure a seamless transition to the new requirements without taking the risk of not being able to use EFB applications after 9 July 2019.

Product Overview: EFB Toolkit Customisable Options

The two versions of AeroEx’s EFB toolkit include manual and risk assessment templates, checklists, and regulatory guidance material that flight departments and compliance managers can tailor to their own operations without the hassle of collecting necessary rules and information.

AeroEx’s EFB Basic Toolkit (CHF 3500.- / EUR 3200.- ) offers:

  • EFB Template Manual

  • Guidance Checklist

  • Compliance List

  • Risk Assessment Frame

  • Consolidated EFB Booklet

  • Access to an Instructional Webinar

Additional Web Manuals Bundles available which includes an EFB risk assessment for the Web Manuals Reader App incorporated inside an EFB Manual Template ready to be included in your own Web Manuals site with links to EASA compliance libraries already set up.

  1. AeroEx EASA Air OPS EFB - Quick Start incl. Web Manuals 1 year subscription

  2. AeroEx EASA Air OPS EFB - Quick Start for Web Manuals customers



AeroEx’s Premium EFB Implementation Version (customised price) offers:

  • Advisory Services by our subject matter experts

  • Customised EFB Manual

  • Gap Analysis

  • Compliance List

  • EFB Booklet

  • Customised Risk Assessment Frame

  • “Role of the EFB Administrator” Certificate Webinar/Training

  • Operational Evaluation Test Plan Template

  • Final Operational Report Template

  • Change Management Procedure

  • Application for the competent authority


AeroEx’s EFB toolkit solutions cater to Commercial Air Transport (CAT), Non-Commercial Operations with Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft (NCC), and Specialized Operations (SPO) operators under the EU Air OPS Regulation.

AeroEx offers public informational webinars on the EU EFB Regulatory Compliance for flight departments, pilots and compliance managers.


  • EASA EFB Compliance Check performed by senior consultant of AeroEx and subject matter expert.

Learn more about EU EFB Regulatory compliance with our recorded webinar on demand:


EASA Air OPS EFB - Quick Start and EFB Basic Toolkit now online available or request our EFB Premium Implementation support service.