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Web Manuals

AeroEx GmbH, in partnership with WebManuals Sweden AB, is offering a Cloud application platform for the digitization of manuals. Continuous EASA compliance is ensured by AeroEx through an always current Compliance Library. We are proud to announce, that since we have agreed this partnership in October 2013, a considerable number of European operators have already decided to implement WebManuals due to significant efficiency and cost advantages.

The WebManuals system is designed to write, edit, publish, distribute and control the entire manual suite from a single source saving considerable time and manpower while improving quality.

The WebManuals platform replaces Word for writing, Excel for cross-referencing and Outlook for distribution, while involving management, auditors and authorities in the on-line review and approval process. Each step in the document lifecycle is integrated, thereby providing a full history perspective. Manuals are available on-line with possibilities to navigate large documents using smart modules, and manuals are also available off-line via EFB-devices such as iPad tablets with controlled synchronization of new revisions.

The digitization of manuals by the WebManuals platform is a process oriented approach to manage operations and enables the shortest path to continuous improvement by eliminating overhead in the implementation of changes to documented procedures. In short, clients save time and money in editing, publishing and distributing their operational manuals while being able to publish new revisions as often as needed and gain a full control of their documentation and communication systems.

AeroEx is #1 premium partner of WebManuals by content providing of our comprehensive and up to date Compliance Library and therefore in the position to provide Web Manuals prospects and customers following Services:

Initial WebManuals Support:

  • supporting you in linking your manuals to respective regulations in WebManuals provided Compliance library.

  • supporting you in linking your manuals to respective regulation in WebManuals provided Compliance library + AeroEx is performing content based compliance checks.

  • providing templates of manuals in WebManuals (Operations Manuals, Organisation Management Manual, CAME, MOE,......)

  • tailoring manuals in WebManuals as editor / admin during start implementation phase.

  • assisting in initial start phase of WebManuals setup (organisational setup, project management, etc.)

Continuous WebManuals Support:

  • performing Compliance Check (manuals - regulations) on monthly / quarterly / yearly basis or per revision

  • serving as editor / admin

  • providing consulting on regulation related topics

  • monthly publication InSight Aviation Safety Regulations Report (latest EASA Regs changes) - learn more about Insight Basic and Premium


Web Manuals Partner of the Year Award 20
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