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EASA Regulatory update

Learn more about the latest EASA Regulatory updates and make sure you stay compliant. This webinar is about the latest EU aviation regulatory changes it will keep you up-to-date with recent and proposed changes to EU regulations and EASA agency measures relating to air operations, air crew, initial and continuing airworthiness and SERA. 

Target audience:

This webinar is dedicated to all those who require an update of the European aviation regulations and related EASA decisions in civil aviation and want to improve their knowledge in this area: managers and employees of operators, maintenance organizations, design organizations, approved training organizations, as well as other representatives from aviation authorities and the industry.


  1. EASA Regulatory Update

  2. Best practices



15.11.2019 / 1400 - 1430 CET


11.12.2019 / 1400 - 1430 CET



15.01.2020 / 1400 - 1430 CET


19.02.2020 / 1400 - 1430 CET


18.03.2020 / 1400 - 1430 CET

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Get a free sample by using the coupon code "free-webinar-demo" for one of our previous EASA Regulatory updates between January and May 2019. Previous recorded webinar available online in our shop:


Webinar online "on demand" - EASA Regulatory Update Jan-May 2019 (free of charge by using the coupon code "free-webinar-demo")

EU EFB Regulatory Compliance

If you missed the EU EFB Regulatory webinar we are providing a recorded version.Available online in our shop:

Webinar online "on demand" - EASA EFB Regulations Introduction (CHF 39.-)

Webinar online "on demand" - EASA Regulartory update Jan-May 2019

Webinar online "on demand" - EASA EFB Regulations Introduction

39,00 CHFPrice

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