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AMAS positiv + Claim.png is our innovative platform of web-based applications to solve daily challenges of compliance within the aerospace industry. Your global standard in digitizing compliance developed and transformed by leading subject matter experts.

Our mission is to keep you compliant in a more and more complex regulatory environment with increasing obligations of organisations towards regulators. We give easy access to complex regulatory and legal content and simplify compliance monitoring management processes.

We support you with:

  1. Identification of compliance obligations

  2. Maintenance of compliance obligations

  3. Identification, analysis and evaluation of compliance risks

  4. Monitoring​


Too many laws, standards, regulations to identify daily as well as permits, cerificates and authorisations to manage to ensure safe operations or not to risk your operation.
Organizations should have processes in place to systematicly identify new and changed laws, regulations, codes and other compliance obligations to ensure on-going compliance. Furthermore, Organizations should have processes to evaluate the impact of the identified changes for their activities, products, services,  certifications and implement any changes in the management of the compliance obligations. Organisation should document identified obligations.

For what we stand for:

  1. Regulations and Standards monitoring must be professionalizied

  2. Legal horizon scanning is becoming in a complex world more and more important to survive.

  3. Source of compliance obligations should include laws, S&R, permits, certificates and authoritisations.

  4. Lacks in legal and regulations monitoring is a constant threat for operations and might be very costly.

  5. Avoidance of risk of legal continued validity of your certificate or/and approvals (ORO.GEN 135 / M.A.618) in case of non compliance.

  6. Commitment  to regulatory monitoring and awarness of legal obligations.

  7. Manual process do not guarantee adequate results to ensure obligations.


Our first two applications are now available and purchasable online or request a demo. More to come very soon. Stay tuned and subscribe our newsletter to be first to know about updates and news.


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